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Состоялось очередное заседание в Центре англистики и американистики ПГУ

ФГБОУ ВО "Пятигорский государственный университет"
ФГБОУ ВО "Пятигорский государственный университет"
27.02.2018 состоялось очередное заседание клуба English Club. Руководитель мероприятия Camilo Gomez представил подробный отчет о встрече:

"The theme for English Club was "Game Show Night" based off of televised game shows that are popular around the world. Andrew and Christi Slate returned as our guest hosts which was a hit with students. 

The club started off with playing a simple ice breaker called the "rubber band game". In this game students stand inside a giant rubber band and on the count of three all try and duck out of the band. The band inevitably catches one or more students who are then "out". The game progresses until only one student remains. 

After this we divided the students into four teams and played an adaption of the american game show "Family Feud". In this game teams try to guess the most popular answers, gathered by a public poll, to subjective questions. There are multiple correct answers with more popular answers being worth more points. Teams try to guess as many of the answers as possible to gain the most points. This game is great for practicing english in a variety of subjects and for speaking in front of others. 

Between rounds of the game we held commercial break skits. Each team was given a random household item and two random adjectives. They then created a "commercial" sketch for the items that they presented to the club.

All in all, it was a wonderful english club and it was great to have Andrew and Christi join us for an evening."

Ответственная за организацию мероприятия – доцент Тищенко С.В.
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