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  • Очередное заседание состоялось в Центре англистики и американистики ИИЯМТ ПГУ

Очередное заседание состоялось в Центре англистики и американистики ИИЯМТ ПГУ

ФГБОУ ВО "Пятигорский государственный университет"
ФГБОУ ВО "Пятигорский государственный университет"
13 февраля 2018 г., в преддверии «Дня св. Валентина», в Центре англистики и американистики ИИЯМТ ПГУ прошла очередная встреча, тема которой была заявлена как «The Language of Love».

Участники мероприятия с большим интересом принимали участие в интерактивных играх и обсуждениях, предложенных организаторами. Вот что пишет один из координаторов работы студентов Camilo Gomez:

The theme for this english club was the languages of love. English Club began with an interactive game called "Who Do You Love?". In this game players sit in a circle and one person in the middle describes a general physical characteristic of "someone they love". Anyone who shares this characteristic in the circle must get up and find a new seat. The person in the middle also sits down and a new person is left standing in the middle. This game is fun and interactive and helps practice vocabulary related to appearance.

Next, we gave a short presentation on the "The 5 Love Languages" which are a psychological theory about the ways humans communicate love to one another. After this we took the love languages test which helps takers identify how they receive love fr om people. This exercise helped use vocabulary related to relationships, emotions and also higher level thinking in the english language for the more advanced students.

After the test we broke into discussion groups to talk about the test and use our new vocabulary.

English club finished with an acting game called "Lets Make a Date" where students acted out strange characters on a speed dating show and one "eligible bachelor/bachelorette" tried to guess the students character.

Ответственная за организацию мероприятия - доц. Тищенко С.В.  

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